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3D City Database

3D City Database

The 3D City Database (opens in a new tab) is a free 3D geo database to store, represent, and manage virtual 3D city models. It is used by cities like Singapore, Berlin, Helsinki and many others.

The database schema implements the CityGML standard facilitating complex analysis tasks, far beyond visualization. It can be deployed on top of the relational database PostgreSQL (opens in a new tab) with the GIS extension PostGIS (opens in a new tab) installed.


Start the 3D City Database with a docker container (opens in a new tab) by running this command:

docker run -dit --name citydb-container -p 5432:5432 \
    -e "POSTGRES_USER=postgres" \
    -e "POSTGRES_PASSWORD=changeit" \
    -e "CITYDBNAME=citydb" \
    -e "SRID=32632" \
    -e "SRSNAME=urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::32632" \

For a manual database setup checkout the documentation (opens in a new tab) of the 3D City Database.

Loading Datasets

Import CityGML datasets into the database with the Importer/Exporter tool (opens in a new tab). Therefore, set up the connection in the database tab and load the generated CityGML datasets into the database using the import tab: 3DCityDB Query Answer

Geospatial Analytics

Perform geospatial analysis on multiple transformed OpenDRIVE datasets. For example, list all priority road signs (roadSignal_type = '306') sorted by distance to the POINT(678195.44 54 414.94)'::geometry) across multiple OpenDRIVE datasets:

      cog0.strval as identifier_sourceFileName,
      cog1.strval as identifier_roadObjectId,
      cog2.strval as identifier_roadObjectName,
      cog3.strval as opendrive_roadSignal_type,
      ST_Distance(city_furniture.lod2_implicit_ref_point, 'SRID=32632;POINT(678195.4482485768 5403954.957612606 414.94568122784835)'::geometry) as distance
INNER JOIN cityobject_genericattrib cog0 ON cog0.cityobject_id = AND cog0.attrname = 'identifier_sourceFileName'
INNER JOIN cityobject_genericattrib cog1 ON cog1.cityobject_id = AND cog1.attrname = 'identifier_roadObjectId'
INNER JOIN cityobject_genericattrib cog2 ON cog2.cityobject_id = AND cog2.attrname = 'identifier_roadObjectName'
INNER JOIN cityobject_genericattrib cog3 ON cog3.cityobject_id = AND cog3.attrname = 'opendrive_roadSignal_type'
WHERE cog3.strval = '306'
  city_furniture.lod2_implicit_ref_point <#>
  'SRID=32632;POINT(678195.4482485768 5403954.957612606 414.94568122784835)'::geometry

This is the answer of the 3D City Database: 3DCityDB Query Answer

Extracting Datasets

Using the Importer/Exporter tool (opens in a new tab), the 3D city model can be exported as CityGML and KML/COLLADA/glTF datasets: 3DCityDB Query Answer