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Processing Library for Road Space Models

R:trån is an extensible toolkit for processing road space models. It currently supports the validation of ASAM OpenDRIVE (opens in a new tab) road networks and the conversion to semantic 3D city models in OGC CityGML (opens in a new tab).


Download the prebuilt JAR executable from the releases section (opens in a new tab) and make sure that you have at least a JVM 11. Run r:trån to ...

# … validate OpenDRIVE datasets
java -jar rtron-*.jar validate-opendrive ./input-opendrive ./output-reports
# … transform OpenDRIVE datasets to CityGML
java -jar rtron-*.jar opendrive-to-citygml ./input-opendrive ./output-citygml

R:trån recursively iterates over your OpenDRIVE input datasets and creates the same directory structure for the output folder.