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OpenDRIVE Feature Support

OpenDRIVE Feature Support

In the following a list of OpenDRIVE features supported by r:trån is provided. Currently, there is tested support for OpenDRIVE version 1.4, although other versions can also be read and processed experimentally.


  • straight lines
  • spirals
  • arcs
  • cubic polynomials (deprecated by ASAM)
  • parametric cubic polynomials


  • road linkage
  • road type
  • methods of elevation
  • road elevation
  • super elevation
  • road shape
  • road surface


The lane topology of OpenDRIVE is converted to the new Transportation module of CityGML 3.0. This enables routing on the basis of the predecessor and successor relations of the different traffic spaces.

  • lane sections
  • lane offset
  • lane linkage
  • lane properties
  • road markings


  • incoming roads
  • connecting roads
  • road surface
  • virtual junctions
  • junction groups


Depending on the availability and characteristic of the parametric OpenDRIVE geometries, B-Rep (opens in a new tab) representations are generated. Thereby, several geometry corrections are applied (removal of invalid vertices, consecutively following vertex duplicates, ...) and then mapped onto the rich geometry model of GML (opens in a new tab).

  • repeating objects
  • object outlines
    • corner roads
    • corner locals
  • object material
  • lane validity for objects
  • access rules to parking spaces
  • object marking
  • object border
  • object reference
  • tunnels
  • bridges


  • lane validity
  • signal dependency
  • links between signals and objects
  • signal positioning
  • reuse of signal information
  • controllers


  • railroad tracks
  • switches
  • stations