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OpenDRIVE-CityGML Duality

OpenDRIVE-CityGML Duality

The conceptual data models of OpenDRIVE and CityGML meet requirements from different application domains—automotive and 3D GIS [1 (opens in a new tab)]. However, challenges in one domain have already been addressed in the other. Thus, the concept of the OpenDRIVE-CityGML Duality is being proposed: With a consistent road space model in both OpenDRIVE and CityGML, the tools from both domains can be applied [2 (opens in a new tab)].

OpenDRIVE-CityGML Duality

With transformation tools like FME, application-specific target formats can be derived from CityGML datasets. The dual representation enables the usage of generic attributes and Application Domain Extensions (ADEs) of CityGML [3 (opens in a new tab)].


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  2. Schwab, Benedikt; Beil, Christof; Kolbe Thomas H.: Spatio-Semantic Road Space Modeling for Vehicle–Pedestrian Simulation to Test Automated Driving Systems (opens in a new tab). Sustainability 12 (9), 2020, 3799.