class Roadspaces2CitygmlConfigurationBuilder: Any


Name Description
var gmlIdPrefix: String

prefix for generated gml ids

var identifierAttributesPrefix: String

prefix for identifier attribute names

var geometryAttributesPrefix: String

prefix for geometry attribute names

var flattenGenericAttributeSets: Boolean

true, if nested attribute lists shall be flattened out

var discretizationStepSize: Double

distance between each discretization step for curves and surfaces

var sweepDiscretizationStepSize: Double

distance between each discretization step for solid geometries of ParametricSweep3D

var circleSlices: Int

number of discretization points for a circle or cylinder

var generateRandomGeometryIds: Boolean

true, if random ids shall be generated for the gml geometries

var transformAdditionalRoadLines: Boolean

if true, additional road lines, such as the reference line, lane boundaries, etc. are also transformed

var mappingBackwardsCompatibility: Boolean

if true, only classes are populated that are also available in CityGML2

val projectId: String
val sourceFileIdentifier: FileIdentifier
val concurrentProcessing: Boolean



constructor(projectId: String, sourceFileIdentifier: FileIdentifier, concurrentProcessing: Boolean)


Name Description
projectId: String
sourceFileIdentifier: FileIdentifier
concurrentProcessing: Boolean



fun build(): Roadspaces2CitygmlConfiguration