package io.rtron.model.roadspaces.roadspace.road


Name Description
data class Lane: Any

Represents a lane within a lane section.

data class CenterLane: Any

Represents the center lane of a lane section. This lane has no width and is therefore geometrically represented as line.

data class LaneIdentifier: LaneSectionIdentifierInterface, Any

Identifier of a lane containing essential meta information.

data class LaneSection: Any

Represents the section of a road in which the number of lanes and their attributes do not change.

interface LaneSectionIdentifierInterface: RoadspaceIdentifierInterface, Any

Lane section identifier interface required for class delegation.

data class LaneSectionIdentifier: LaneSectionIdentifierInterface, RoadspaceIdentifierInterface, Any

Identifier of a lane section containing essential meta information.

enum class LaneType: Enum<LaneType>
class Road: Any

Representation of an actual road (without road objects) containing the surface and information on the lane topology as well as attributes.

data class RoadLinkage: Any

Contains the topological information about the road.

data class RoadMarking: Any

Represents a single road marking.