package io.rtron.model.opendrive.common


Name Description
data class UserData: Any
data class Include: Any
data class DataQuality: Any
data class DataQualityError: Any
data class DataQualityRawData: Any
enum class EDataQualityRawDataSource: Enum<EDataQualityRawDataSource>
enum class EDataQualityRawDataPostProcessing: Enum<EDataQualityRawDataPostProcessing>
data class AdditionalData: Any
data class CountryCode: Any
enum class ETrafficRule: Enum<ETrafficRule>

Basic rule for using the road

enum class ERoadObjectsObjectParkingSpaceAccess: Enum<ERoadObjectsObjectParkingSpaceAccess>

Access definitions for the parking space (assuming that "women" and "handicapped" will drive vehicles of type "car" only)

enum class EUnitDistance: Enum<EUnitDistance>
enum class EUnitSpeed: Enum<EUnitSpeed>
enum class EUnitMass: Enum<EUnitMass>
enum class EUnitSlope: Enum<EUnitSlope>
enum class EUnit: Enum<EUnit>
enum class ERoadType: Enum<ERoadType>
enum class ERoadMarkType: Enum<ERoadMarkType>
enum class ERoadMarkWeight: Enum<ERoadMarkWeight>
enum class ERoadMarkColor: Enum<ERoadMarkColor>
enum class ELaneType: Enum<ELaneType>
enum class EObjectType: Enum<EObjectType>
enum class ETunnelType: Enum<ETunnelType>
enum class EBridgeType: Enum<EBridgeType>
enum class EAccessRestrictionType: Enum<EAccessRestrictionType>
enum class ECountryCodeDeprecated: Enum<ECountryCodeDeprecated>
enum class ESideType: Enum<ESideType>
enum class EOutlineFillType: Enum<EOutlineFillType>

Type used to fill the area inside the outline (6.13 Outline Fill Types (new in OpenDRIVE 1.5M)).

enum class EBorderType: Enum<EBorderType>
enum class EContactPoint: Enum<EContactPoint>
enum class EElementDir: Enum<EElementDir>
enum class EDirection: Enum<EDirection>
enum class ERoadMarkRule: Enum<ERoadMarkRule>

Rule which is to be observed when passing the line from inside (i.e. from the lane with the lower absolute ID to the lane with the higher absolute ID)

enum class EOrientation: Enum<EOrientation>



fun EOrientation.toRotation2D(): ()


Name Description


Name Description