package io.rtron.math.processing.triangulation


Name Description
class FanTriangulationAlgorithm: TriangulationAlgorithm

Fan triangulation algorithm by simply selecting a base vertex and generating the triangles by iterating over the remaining vertices. However, this approach is not suitable for concave polygons. See the wikipedia article on fan triangulation.

class Poly2TriTriangulationAlgorithm: TriangulationAlgorithm

Adapts the triangulation algorithm of Poly2Tri.

class ProjectedTriangulationAlgorithm: TriangulationAlgorithm

This algorithm wraps a triangulationAlgorithm. Before triangulating the vertices a best fitting plane is estimated and the vertices are projected onto the plane in 2D. After performing the triangulation, the triangulation order is used to recreate the triangles in 3D.

abstract class TriangulationAlgorithm: Any

Abstract class for a triangulation algorithm in 3D. See the wikipedia article of polygon triangulation.

annotation class ExperimentalTriangulator: Annotation, Any
object Triangulator: Any

Performs triangulation operations on polygons in 3D. See the wikipedia article of polygon triangulation.