object Polyhedron3DFactory: Any

Factory for building Polyhedron3D for which multiple preparation steps are required to overcome heterogeneous input.



fun buildFromVerticalBars(verticalBars: List<LineSegment3D>, tolerance: Double): Result, Exception><ContextMessage<Polyhedron3D>, Exception>

Builds a Polyhedron3D based on a list of vertical bars. Each vertical bar is represented as LineSegment3D and various preparation steps are conducted to return a valid polyhedron.


Name Description
verticalBars: List<LineSegment3D>

list of vertical bars whereby the start points define the polyhedron's base polygon and the end points define the polyhedron's top polygon

tolerance: Double


Name Description
Result, Exception><ContextMessage<Polyhedron3D>, Exception>

resulting Polyhedron3D wrapped in a ContextMessage in case of processing log messages