package io.rtron.math.geometry.euclidean.twod.curve


Name Description
abstract class AbstractCurve2D: AbstractGeometry2D, DefinableDomain<Double>, Tolerable

Abstract class for all geometric curve objects in 2D.

class Arc2D: AbstractCurve2D

Represents an arc of a circle with a certain curvature which starts at the coordinates origin and continues in the direction of the x axis. See the wikipedia article on an arc.

data class CompositeCurve2D: AbstractCurve2D

Represents the sequential concatenation of the curveMembers.

class CubicCurve2D: AbstractCurve2D

Represents a parametric cubic curve of the following form: y = f(x) = c0 + c1x + c2x^2 + c3*x^3

data class LateralTranslatedCurve2D: AbstractCurve2D

Laterally translates a baseCurve by a lateralTranslationFunction. This enables for example the representation of the baseCurve moved two units to the left.

class LineSegment2D: AbstractCurve2D

Line segment starting in the origin in the direction of the x axis. It has a given length and is moved by means of the affineSequence.

data class ParameterTransformedCurve2D: AbstractCurve2D

Transforms the parameter (curveRelativePoint) by means of the transformationFunction function, before calculating the cartesian coordinates of the baseCurve.

The parameters of a curve can e.g. be normalized (domain: 0.0,1.0) or reflect the actual curve length (domain: 0.0,length). To harmonise these differences, this class allows to rescale the parameters of an AbstractCurve2D.

class ParametricCubicCurve2D: AbstractCurve2D

Represents a parametric cubic curve of the following form: x = fx(t) = x0 + x1t + x2t^2 + x3t^3y = fy(t) = y0 + y1t + y2t^2 + y3t^3

class SectionedCurve2D: AbstractCurve2D

Cuts out a section from the completeCurve. The resulting domain of the SectionedCurve2D starts at 0.0 and ends at the length of the section.

data class Spiral2D: Any

Represents a spiral of the form: x(l) = A * sqrt(pi) * int_0^l cos( (pit^2) / 2 ) dty(l) = A * sqrt(pi) * int_0^l sin( (pit^2) / 2 ) dt Asymptotic points at (Asqrt(pi)/2, Asqrt(pi)/2) and (-Asqrt(pi)/2, -Asqrt(pi)/2).

class SpiralSegment2D: AbstractCurve2D

Spiral curve segment within a defined domain that is given by the curvatureFunction. See wikipedia article on Euler spiral.