package io.rtron.math.geometry.euclidean.threed.surface


Name Description
abstract class AbstractSurface3D: AbstractGeometry3D, Tolerable

Abstract class for all geometric surface objects in 3D.

data class Circle3D: AbstractSurface3D

Represents a circle with a certain radius in 3D.

class CompositeSurface3D: AbstractSurface3D

Represents a composition of multiple surface members.

data class LinearRing3D: AbstractSurface3D, Tolerable

Linear ring of a list of vertices. The linear ring is not required to be planar.

data class ParametricBoundedSurface3D: AbstractSurface3D, DefinableDomain<Double>, Tolerable
data class Plane3D: Any

Representation of a plane in 3D. See the wikipedia article on a plane.

data class Polygon3D: AbstractSurface3D

Planar polygon consisting of a list of vertices.

data class Rectangle3D: AbstractSurface3D

Rectangle with a certain length and width whereby the origin is located at the rectangle's center at z=0.