package io.rtron.math.geometry.euclidean.threed.solid


Name Description
abstract class AbstractSolid3D: AbstractGeometry3D, Tolerable

Abstract class for all geometric solid objects in 3D.

data class Cuboid3D: AbstractSolid3D

Represents a cuboid in 3D with the dimension (length, width, height). The origin of the local coordinate system is located at the center of the ground face.

data class Cylinder3D: AbstractSolid3D

Represents a cylinder in 3D which center is located at the local coordinate system's origin and raises in the direction of the z axis.

data class ParametricSweep3D: AbstractSolid3D, DefinableDomain<Double>, Tolerable

Represents a parametric sweep in 3D. This refers to a geometry solid, which is defined by a referenceCurveXY. The width and height of the solid is defined as functions along the reference curve.

data class Polyhedron3D: AbstractSolid3D

Represents a polyhedron in 3D.