package io.rtron.math.geometry.euclidean.threed.curve


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abstract class AbstractCurve3D: AbstractGeometry3D, DefinableDomain<Double>, Tolerable

Abstract class for all geometric curve objects in 3D.

data class CompositeCurve3D: AbstractCurve3D
data class Curve3D: AbstractCurve3D

A curve in 3D defined by a curve in 2D and a height function. Furthermore, the curve can have a torsion, which is relevant for pose and transformation matrix calculations along the curve. See the wikipedia article on torsion of a curve.

class CurveOnParametricSurface3D: AbstractCurve3D

Curve that lies on a parametric surface. This curve is parallel to the baseSurface's curve but defined by a laterally translated by a lateralOffsetFunction and vertically translated by a heightOffsetFunction.

If the domain of lateralOffsetFunction and/or heightOffsetFunction is not defined everywhere where the baseSurface is defined, the CurveOnParametricSurface3D is only defined, where all domains overlap.

class Line3D: Any

Represents a line in 3D.

class LineSegment3D: AbstractCurve3D

Line segment in 3D defined by a start and end vector.

class LineString3D: AbstractCurve3D

Curve specified by a sequence of vertices.



fun CMLine3D.toLine3D(tolerance: Double): CMLine3D

Conversion from adapted Line class from Apache Commons Math.


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tolerance: Double


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