package io.rtron.math.geometry.curved.threed.surface


Name Description
abstract class AbstractCurveRelativeSurface3D: DefinableDomain<Double>, Tolerable, Any

Abstract class for all geometric surface objects in an curve relative coordinate system in 3D.

class CurveRelativeParametricSurface3D: AbstractCurveRelativeSurface3D

Surface which is defined along the baseCurve. The height of the surface id defined by means of a BivariateFunction.

class SectionedCurveRelativeParametricSurface3D: AbstractCurveRelativeSurface3D

Cuts out a section from the completeCurveRelativeSurface. The resulting domain of the SectionedCurveRelativeParametricSurface3D starts at 0.0 and ends at the length of the section.