Model Validation

Transformation Logs

OpenDRIVE datasets can reveal different anomalies, which may be divided into two categories.

  1. If the anomaly causes the removal of an object, a warning message is issued.
  2. If the anomaly can be overcome, an information message is issued.
2020-06-01T10:41:57,495 INFO  RoadspaceObjectIdentifier(roadspaceObjectId=4017180, roadspaceId=1397000): Removing consecutively following side duplicates of the form (…, A, B, A, …).
2020-06-01T10:41:57,674 INFO  RoadspaceObjectIdentifier(roadspaceObjectId=4017016, roadspaceId=1418000): Removing at least one vertex due to linear redundancy.

Comparing OpenDRIVE with OpenStreetMap using FME

This workbench takes tree features of OpenStreetMap and finds the corresponding tree within the OpenDRIVE dataset. FME Workbench

Trees with a corresponding neighbor below a certain distance threshold are colored green and the distance measurement is added to the tree as attribute. FME Workbench